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Top Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Will Help You Make Money Online

Collect and analyze every piece of data that you can. Many will tell you that most of the processes that go into website optimization is speculation, I am saying that you need to measure all the website data. Don’t just focus on the aspects of the website that have meaning to you. Work your way down the list and look for trends. Look at your top 10 and see where they are in terms of keywords. Where they rank in Google for their targeted keyword will tell you a lot about how well your website is optimized. The content on your site, the way it is formatted and linked, the number of inbound links, the size of the directories, the size of the social media network and the amount of videos and images on your site will also tell you about how well the website optimization for a specific keyword is working for you.

There are a lot of tools on the internet that you can use to measure and see how your website is doing in terms of search engine rankings and other aspects of search engine marketing. Most of them are incredibly easy to use and their results can tell you a great deal about the overall health of your site. Google’s website stats, Majestic SEO, and Big Keywords all come to mind.

One of the things that you will hear from some of the more authoritative search engine marketers is that you can’t trust all the website analytics tools. You might find that some of them give you wrong numbers and others may give you only partial numbers. If you try to use them to predict future trends and actions then you are probably going to be chasing bad information. I recommend that you use a proprietary website analytics tool that gives you a complete and accurate picture of where your site is at in terms of search engine rankings. You should not try to use analytics tools to make predictions for how your site is going to perform in the future.

You will hear from the more authoritative search engine marketers that they recommend that you focus more on building your site than trying to use analytics tools to improve your search engine rankings. They say that you should invest more time in making your site great rather than trying to get a good analytics ranking. Your SEO competition is also looking for a reason to drop your rankings. If they drop your rankings for something that they did not do then you will probably be climbing back up very quickly. They are not likely to go out of their way to do something that has negative effects on your site. So invest in making your site great and you will get more positive results in the future.