3 Minute Marketing for Accountants Why accountants struggle to get clients

I am going to share with you the relationship first, income second process. I want you to open your Word, Google Docs or any writing program that you prefer to use for this exercise.
It’s not relevant what advertising platform you use, the following nonetheless applies. Your platform could be LinkedIn, Facebook, it might even be Twitter, or it could be simple networking, really does not matter.
Let’s get started. Create three columns on a blank page. On the left side, we’ll write at the top the word ‘Person’ and in the middle ‘Problems’. And on the right hand side, we will write the word ‘Promise’.
We really have got to understand the individual and their issues before we can promise the best way to guide them. It is crucial that you understand to true value in this exercise or will continue on the path that you are on.
We want all three matters in place and to be properly analyzed before we interact with them. This is how we start the process of connecting with them, and then converting them into your best clients.
I want you to fully understand that this is sincere advertising. We are truly going to advertise like we inviting our mom or best friend to purchase our product or service.
When we are talking to a prospect and we want the to open up to tell us about their pain points, that is all about building a durable relationship. That is how you get people to know, like, and trust you.
On the other side, what we’re looking at is income. That is the place we’ll be discovering solutions to overcome the problems that your ultimate purchasers have.
And the place where we will be talking about why working with you will result in a positive ongoing relationship with you. By building up a proper report from the beginning you should be able to swiftly acquire them as a client.
Next, at the top of the triangle, we will qualify a prospect or lead’s desire to work with us and our expectations if they do. This is the part of the process that most accounting organizations leave out and why they are struggling.
However, you are going to ask your prospect to have a conversation with you, join a webinar, or come to an event that you are putting on or attending. This how you start the process of working with you.
Most accounting firms struggle with lead generation. They pick an advertising platform and then they tend to move straight to the sale.
What you are now going to do is first, build a relationship. As soon as you’ve developed a relationship, qualify them by way of a webinar or an event. Only then do you look at how you are going to convert them into your best clients.
Everything about this People Method depends on you engaging and connecting with them. And the
Income side is about finding a proper solution to their most pressing needs.
Once you have done both sides properly, you will find that, not only have you found a valued client that will stick with you, they will be happy to tell others about you. Isn’t that why you started your own firm to begin with?
There it is. A simple approach to an advertising and marketing problem that gets you into earnings and cash flow. Of course, it’s not without a bit of learning on your part at the beginning. But now you know the direction you must paddle to get your boat to the goal you have set out for yourself at the start of your adventure.
Remember, Relationships first, Income 2nd.
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Good luck with your future.
Talk again with you all soon, later..

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