Larry Stangowitz

My goal here is to help people on the internet.

What’s happening in Week 3

This week, besides the usual life happening around here, I am trying to get an opt-in page off the ground. I have tried a couple of page builders but they don’t seem to be doing the job without wanting me to “buy” into their “Pro” version at over a hundred dollars. And I don’t even get to see how easy they work (or not) for the simple page with email responder link, video or article download, and then link to a sales page.

These so called, easy setup apps are far from it. I’m not sure but maybe there is one that I already had access to that will do the job. I am not going to name names right now, however, I should be able to in the near future.


Thoughts for Week Two


This is what I am pondering for the past week. Partly because it is good to examine why you are starting a new venture, as well as it is part of the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge that I am involved with.

I have been thinking about internet marketing for a while now. There are many niches to get involved with, but the problem is how to start. The “Gurus” try to tell you that this system, or that are “newbie” friendly, but they forget that us newbies really don’t know how to make the first snowball to get the ball rolling.

My family’s future is a major reason that I am starting this path. I am going to get them involved with this as well. They will have the advantage of my help in the process. This should be great.

Another reason that I wanted to start internet marketing is a belief that it is possible to run this like an ethical business. By giving the people who are paying you their hard earned money more value than they expected, we should be able to grow this into a fantastic adventure.

I am hoping to grow this into a $15-20k a month online business so we can retire near Vancouver, BC. We love the mountains and ocean and wish to retire there.

I know that my wife has never been fishing, but I would like to have enough to go salmon, crab, or whatever is in season fishing, just like some people go golfing. Or go on vacation to New Zealand.

This would be living the dream for me.

These are the thoughts for the week.


The Start of the Journey


Hello, and Welcome!

My name is Larry Stangowitz.

I am trying out this new website to blog my experience with following the Quick Start Challange 2018.

I hope this will allow me to generate an income from the internet.