We Are Back Online!


It took me a while but I finally figured it out

Thanks to Google and WordPress, I found out what I needed to do to get my website back up and running without losing everything or having to completely wipe every thing out and start again.
I had backed up the site using updraft, but you need the site up and running to be able to restore it. So that was a complete fail.
I had also backed it up using the function inside of WP tools, but that didn’t work to restore anything either as it only backed up my posts, comments and stuff.
This was a fail of the WordPress upgrade system and my website plugins. But I am not sure as the system failed and didn’t email me the error that was involved. So I had to hunt down a solution.
Just goes to show you, even though you think you have your bases covered, something still can go wrong.
It’s how you deal with the problem to get a fix without giving up. That is the important takeaway here.
As one of my mentors once told me, “Obstacles are the path!”

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