What Should Be Done When Your SEO Strategy Fails?

Collect and analyze every piece of data that you can.

There are many ways to get data. Many things can be measured and that data saved in a database. A quick and dirty solution is to build an online form and check it every day.

Using web analytics as part of your SEO strategy will show you if you’re getting visitors that convert. A form check is worthless in this scenario because it would only be checked once every week or month. It is not a long term strategy.

In most cases you can use your analytics program to collect data. Most major ones offer some type of web analytics option. After you’ve built the web form, you can create a widget that runs your analytics program. It is easy to create a widget program that collects data every 30 minutes. After you’ve made enough widgets, you can use them in your pay per click campaigns. After you’ve made enough PPC campaigns, you can use them in your SEO strategy.

The amount of data saved in your database will vary depending on your analytics program. Most have an export function so you can export the data saved into a csv file. You can then upload this csv file to your web page. All of your site visitors can be viewed in your analytics program. This is a quick and dirty method but it works. The data should be saved in the “www” folder. This folder can be found in the root folder of your site. You can get this folder location by typing cd ~; in your browser address bar.

SEO may be complicated but once you have it right you can have a solid SEO strategy that lasts. Be consistent with your SEO because it will help you get the traffic you want. This strategy is not difficult but it does take work. A successful SEO strategy should use the right analytics program. An SEO firm will be able to use your existing analytics program.

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